The Happiness Scale

Have you ever thought about being intentionally happy? I’m willing to bet most people never even consider being intentional when it comes to their happiness, or many other things in their lives for that matter. People usually just “are” and then allow themselves and their moods to be affected one way or another based on everything external in their lives.  … Read More

Three Things I Love About You

Ever have one of those days when it’s just not going your way?  Sure, everyone does from time to time.  What’s important is how, and for how long, it affects you. In our family, whenever someone is struggling through one these off days, we have something we call, “three things I love about you.” 

The Power of Micro Commitments

If you’re not familiar with the term “micro commitments,” it is a very powerful persuasion technique based on Robert Cialidini’s commitment and consistency principle, which suggests people have a hard-wired desire to be consistent even after the original incentive or motivation is no longer present. Essentially, instead of outright asking your prospect to make one big decision, you break it … Read More

The Instant Millionaire Mindset Shift

One of my favorite business quotes of all time comes from Jay Z, believe it or not. On the surface it may not sound very profound, rather like he’s bragging, but I believe it actually is very profound because it caused a mind shift in me when I first heard it many years ago. He said,

No Distance Too Far

To what distance would you travel to achieve your dreams? At what length would you go to get to where you want to be in life? If you’re anything like me, the answer to these questions is simple: there’s no distance too far and no length too great to get what you want. In 2002, when I was just starting … Read More

What is a Lifestyle Architect?

What is a Lifestyle Architect? By definition, the term “architect” means the deviser, maker, or creator of anything. In this case “anything” is their lifestlye. Very simply it is someone who takes full responsibility for their situation in life and understands we all are the creators of our own lives. This is true whether you want to believe so or … Read More